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Cheers to the start of summer! In this month’s Bean Bulletin, we’re talking about a big question on the minds of parents – how to get kids to eat nutritious foods like beans. We begin with research about healthy child feeding strategies, with a specific focus on beans. Next, we interview Garrett Berdan, a chef and registered dietitian who has spent years developing recipes for schools with a focus on making healthy foods that taste delicious. Garrett shares his experience with creating delicious, bean-focused recipes and also some of his top tips for parents to foster a love of healthy food. Finally, we share 10 key reasons to make family meals a priority.

7 Strategies to Raise Children Who Eat Beans

Researchers and child feeding experts have identified key ways parents can support and develop a positive eating pattern for kids. We’ve taken this great information and simplified it into 7 bean-focused strategies. Read more…

Cheesy Bean & Broccoli Pasta

This simple, 5-ingredient recipe is a great way to involve kids in the kitchen, and make something that’s fast, easy, delicious and nutritious! Enjoy! 

Healthy Menus for Kids

In this month’s Q&A, we chat with Garrett Berdan, an RD and chef who’s spent his career developing healthy food menus for kids. We asked Garrett to share a little about his work, strategies for developing delicious bean-based dishes, and tips for parents to help kids like and eat their beans. Read more…

Why Family Meals Matter: 10 BIG BEANefits

A family meal is one of the most cherished traditions in family life and provides an abundance of benefits to the whole family. There’s a lot of research about the importance of regular family meals and all the wonderful benefits they provide. Here are 10 key reasons to make family meals a priority
Read more…

Attending the School Nutrition Association Annual Nutrition Conference in Atlanta this July? If so stop by the Bean Institute booth (#508) for all your bean needs! We’ll have awesome recipes tailored for schools, resources, and fun giveaways to inspire you to #CookWithBeans. See you in Atlanta July 10-12!

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