Northarvest Launches Coloring App All About Beans

A recently launched coloring app provides students with hours of coloring fun with farm-to-table illustrations. The Northarvest Bean Growers Association coloring app is a great education tool to keep children engaged and entertained while learning.

Illustrations include cute bean characters, plants, trucks, tractors, and healthy foods like tacos, salads, and soups. The creative, original artwork is easy to color in the app with any of the coloring tools selected. Kids will love the audio facts included in the app which help them learn how food is grown and how beans from the U.S. are used around the world.

The Northarvest Bean Growers raise world-class dry beans in the heartland of America — North Dakota and Minnesota. The content for the coloring app includes descriptions of all 10 varieties of dried beans grown in the region. It also lets kids explore some of the different foods and recipes that incorporate beans. In addition, it helps kids understand the value and importance of a healthy diet that includes beans.

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