Eat Beans to Your Heart’s Content on the New Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers popular point system has long taken the guesswork out of dieting and healthful eating. Every food is assigned a point value where the most nutrient-dense foods receive the fewest points. By choosing foods that fit within their personal points “budget,” participants are encouraged to eat more of the most nutritious foods. The plan has always included a handful of “free” foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, which have no points. Now, in their new FreeStyle program, Weight Watchers has expanded the list of Zero Point foods to include even more healthful choices like dried beans. According to Weight Watchers, beans and other Zero Point foods belong at the center of healthy eating patterns and there is no reason to measure or limit these foods. Even if you aren’t involved with Weight Watchers, you can feel good about eating beans to your heart’s content.

With no reason to limit your beans, check out Weight Watchers’ “A Dozen Things to Do With Canned Beans.